Board of Directors

  • Sean O. Bryant, M.D.

    Sean O. Bryant, M.D.

    Diversified Radiology
    President, Clinical Governance Board
  • Jon E. Fromke, M.D.

    Jon E. Fromke, M.D.

    Charlotte Radiology
    Clinical Governance Board
  • David T. Jeck, M.D.

    David T. Jeck, M.D.

    Radiology Ltd.
    President, Clinical Governance Board
  • Jason P. Kelly, M.D.

    Jason P. Kelly, M.D.

    Upstate Carolina Radiology
  • Robert L. Mittl Jr, M.D.

    Robert L. Mittl Jr, M.D.

    Charlotte Radiology, President &
    Chairman, Clinical Governance Board
  • Matthew D. Schmitz, M.D.

    Matthew D. Schmitz, M.D.

    Diversified Radiology
    Clinical Governance Board
  • Brian T. Regan

    Brian T. Regan

    General Partner
    Welsh, Carson, Anderson & Stowe, Board Chair
  • John Perkins

    John Perkins

    Chief Executive Officer
    US Radiology Specialists
  • Gary Bisbee, MD

    Gary Bisbee, M.D.

    The Health Management Academy
  • David S. Chernow

    David S. Chernow

    President and CEO
    Select Medical
  • Ann R. Pumpian

    Ann R. Pumpian

    Independent Consultant
    Pumpian Consulting, Inc.
  • Rasu B. Shrestha, MD, MBA

    Rasu B. Shrestha, M.D., MBA

    Executive Vice President & Chief Strategy Officer
    Atrium Health
  • Scott W. Arant

    Scott W. Arant

    Chief Executive Officer
    American Health Imaging, Inc.
  • Christian C. Rice, Jr.

    Christian C. Rice, Jr.

    Touchstone Medical Imaging
  • Ting Gu

    Ting Gu

    Vice President
    Welsh, Carson, Anderson & Stowe

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