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About Connexia


US Radiology Connexia is a daytime teleradiology practice, integrated into US Radiology’s existing physician practices and outpatient imaging platform – one of the largest networks in the country. Providing a flexibility-first lifestyle while enabling clinical excellence and peer-to-peer connectivity, we aim for our radiologists to practice in their subspecialty, on their terms.

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    Built on US Radiology’s foundation, Connexia utilizes existing infrastructure and clinical governance developed in leading physician practices to bring collaboration and quality to the remote teleradiology world.
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    With multiple work models centered around days-only reading and competitive compensation, radiologists can tailor their schedules to meet their unique lifestyle needs. With a high degree of subspecialized reads, our radiologists have the opportunity to work in their area of clinical expertise.
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    In a world that is ever more remote and distributed, we aim to differentiate in the teleradiology space by building a culture of meaningful connection for our radiologists, ensuring clear and frequent communication, opportunities to get involved, and a chance to feel part of something bigger.

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