December 17, 2023
Photo of Kristen Farrell

Meet Head of Recruiting, Kristen Farrell! Kristen brings a wealth of knowledge and experience in physician hiring to our practice. We sat down with her to ask a few questions about recruiting at Connexia and more:

Q: Tell us a little about yourself!

A: I am based in Pennsylvania and have worked in the physician recruiting world for 14 years - and before that, I was an elementary school and special education teacher. When I'm not at work, you can find me at my kids’ sporting events, exercising, or curling up with a good book.

Q: What drew you to Connexia as the next step in your career?

A: It was extremely exciting and interesting to be a part of building something that is new, but also has a strong existing foundation - and to have a voice in the process. But ultimately it came down to the teammates I met - the environment and the culture of feeling heard and appreciated exists at US Radiology Connexia and I’m honored to be a part of it.

Q: What do you consider to be Connexia’s biggest opportunity when recruiting?

A: The idea of a daytime, outpatient, subspecialized opportunity that is actually tailored toward flexibility for our radiologists is taking the market by storm. We say it’s teleradiology on your terms, and it truly is. It’s remarkable.

Q: How do you think a flexible daytime-only model differentiates Connexia in the market?

A: It’s very appealing. We’re hearing from some candidates who are just completing their fellowships, entering the workforce, who are attracted to the daytime outpatient elements most of all. We’re also hearing from radiologists in the midst of their careers who are experiencing burnout and desire more of a work-life balance - with an emphasis on life. We have an opportunity for everyone, and that is exciting.

Curious to learn more? Get in touch with Kristen by applying to open roles at Connexia.