March 30, 2024
Photo of Dr. John Razook

In celebration of National Doctors' Day, meet Dr. Razook, one of our exceptional teleradiologists on the Connexia team. We asked Dr. Razook about what inspired his pursuit of radiology as a career, and why he loves working in radiology.

Q: What inspired your choice to pursue radiology/a medical career? How has the inspiration evolved over your professional journey?

A: My dad practiced Pediatric Cardiology and was an attending professor for the University. One summer as a teen I was an orderly in the hospital equipment room. I remember seeing my dad resuscitate a child after cardiac arrest, and the event remained a vivid memory. It was a striking application of medical practice in the acute setting. I was not afraid.

Q: What is one professional highlight of your career thus far?

A: My wife is a breast cancer survivor. There have been instances when sharing her experience helped me explain the diagnostic process to a new patient. I hope for a day when no patient will face this diagnosis again.

Q: What do you love most about being a radiologist?

A: Radiology has elements of art, sport, science and digital technology that intrigue me. It incorporates all of the medical specialties. It is constantly changing and there is so much I continue to learn.

Q: What is one piece of advice you might give to an aspiring doctor?

A: Seek a career in something that truly interests you. If medicine is your choice, spend some time learning a little about business and law. Having this background will help.