April 18, 2024
Photo of Dawn Richards

Up next in our Connexia team member spotlight series, meet Operations Manager Dawn Richards! We asked Dawn to share more with us about her career in healthcare, her role at Connexia, and her vision for the future of teleradiology. Dive into her responses in our Q&A below.

Q: Can you tell us about your career background?

A: I have been in the medical field for nearly 25 years, largely in outpatient operations, ambulatory centers, and clinical operations. I’ve managed multiple different specialities from the clinical operations side - from primary care and internal medicine to orthopedic surgery and neurology. When Connexia’s teleradiology concept was introduced to me, I was interested in bringing my clinical operations background to the team, and here we are today.

Q: What does a day in your life look like as the Operations Manager at Connexia?

A: It’s evolving every day! Largely, my day is spent supporting our Air Traffic Controllers (ATCs) - whether that's answering their day-to-day questions or providing mentorship and guidance as they interface with center managers, etc. Beyond that, I am also supporting the center managers at sites we read for, as well as our own teleradiologists.

Q: From your perspective, what do you think differentiates Connexia from other practices? What excites you about the future?

A: The concept and culture here set Connexia apart. We’re fostering an environment where radiologists can set their own pace, retain flexibility in their schedule, and achieve the work/life balance they desire. Support staff have the flexibility to work remotely as well, as we continue to foster a work/life balance culture. And we do all of this while providing timely, high-quality reads to enable excellent patient care. If you think about the concept in general, it’s priceless. That excites me.

I’ve never worked with a group of people where everyone had such a strong shared mission. The team is collaborative, engaged, willing to help. Anyone I reach out to, they are happy to assist - it’s a great group of individuals who have been assembled to create Connexia.

Q: When you’re not at your desk, where can we find you?

A: I’m a music lover, so when I’m not at work you can find me singing in a local band, or traveling to see live music with my friends or my daughter, who is my whole world. I’m either with her or my music friends!