Each member of the US Radiology team brings skills and experience critical to our collective success. We’re here as resources for our partners, offering business leadership, financial expertise and operational support.

US Radiology Executive Team

  • John Perkins

    John Perkins

    Chief Executive Officer
  • Scott W. Arant

    Scott W. Arant

    Chief Executive Officer
    American Health Imaging, Inc.
  • Mark Jensen

    Mark Jensen

    Chief Development Officer
  • Diane Kazmierski

    Diane Kazmierski

    Executive Vice President,
    Managed Care
  • David Kleinman

    David Kleinman

    Chief Information Officer
  • Wood Lovell

    Wood Lovell

    Chief Administrative Officer
  • Clete Madden

    Clete Madden

    Touchstone Medical Imaging
  • Ken McNish

    Ken McNish

    President, Physician Practices
    & Chief Strategy Officer
  • Julie Szeker

    Julie Szeker

    General Counsel
  • David Wagnon

    David Wagnon

    Chief Financial Officer

US Radiology Functional Leadership Team

  • Chris Core

    Chris Core

    Senior Vice President,
  • John Devlin

    John Devlin

    CFO, Physician Practices
    Vice President, Finance
  • John Guess

    John Guess

    Chief Accounting Officer
  • Barry Jenkins

    Barry Jenkins

    CFO, Outpatient Imaging Services
  • Ronni Kleypas

    Ronni Kleypas

    Chief Integration Officer
  • Lynn McGivern

    Lynn McGivern

    Chief Compliance Officer
  • Ryan Popp

    Ryan Popp

    Vice President,
    Business Development
  • Chris Robertson

    Chris Robertson

    Senior Vice President,
    Revenue Cycle Management



Since 1979, Welsh, Carson, Anderson & Stowe (WCAS) has been partnering with top management teams to build leading healthcare and technology companies. Their long track record of driving growth for physician practices across a range of specialties and total capital raised of $22 billion across 16 partnerships makes WCAS uniquely positioned to maximize the value of practices within US Radiology.

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