Each member of the US Radiology team brings skills and experience critical to our collective success. We’re here as resources for our partners, offering business leadership, financial expertise and operational support.

US Radiology Executive Team

  • John Perkins

    John Perkins

    Chief Executive Officer
  • Chris Core

    Chris Core

    Chief Commercial Officer
  • Photo of Kurt Janavitz

    Kurt Janavitz

    Executive Vice President,
    Managed Care
  • Jill Lewandowski

    Jill Lewandowski

    Chief People Officer
  • Gerry Lewis

    Gerry Lewis

    Chief Information Officer
  • Wood Lovell

    Wood Lovell

    President, Joint Ventures
    & Chief Businesss Officer
  • Ken McNish

    Ken McNish

    Executive Vice President,
    Strategic Initiatives
  • Peter McPhee

    Peter McPhee

    Chief Financial Officer
  • Wayne Orvis

    Wayne Orvis

    Chief Operating Officer
  • Julie Szeker

    Julie Szeker

    General Counsel
  • Paul Taheri

    Paul Taheri, M.D.

    Chief Clinical Officer

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